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Wineglass Bay Lookout on Mt Amos

Wineglass Bay Lookout on Mt Amos

Wineglass Bay is one of those places that literally attracts tourists by the busload. With a photogenic strongly curved bay lined by white beaches and filled with vibrantly blue waters, it’s not hard to see why people are flocking to the Freycinet Peninsula to take in the mesmerising views. However, we’re sure you’re with us when we say that crowds strongly diminish the appeal of a destination. But luckily in this case they are easily avoided.

Freycinet Peninsula has two Wineglass Bay Lookout walks. One takes you to the lower lookout via a well maintained boardwalk. It’s an easy walk (suitable for pretty much any fitness level) which continues on to the beach. Especially when the weather is nice this walk can get crazy busy and since there’s only a gentle incline, the views could definitely be better.

The second Wineglass Bay Lookout is on top of Mt Amos. An approximately 3 hour return walk takes you up the 450m tall mountain to far more spectacular views. Since this walk is quite a bit more challenging (although, we wouldn’t want to call it difficult) most visitors leave it for what it is and even on the busiest of days you’re likely to encounter only a few fellow hikers at the summit. The ways is well signed, but there isn’t a path all the way. Some rock scrambling is necessary and sections get pretty slippery even when there hasn’t been any rainfall lately. Good and grippy shoes are a must year round and after any kind of rainfall the walk will get too slippery to be done safely.

Wineglass Bay Lookout on Mt Amos
How to get to there

From Coles Bay, follow Freycinet Drive to the Visitors Centre at the start of Freycinet National Park. Follow the signs to the parking lot for the walks. The Mt Amos walk starts at the same spot the lower Wineglass Bay Lookout walk starts, but quickly veers off to the left. It’s all very well signed and you can’t really miss it.

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