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RP Guide to Bed Bugs

With the world becoming a more accessible place for people to explore, more and more local pests are traveling with them. Border controls are getting stricter by the day, but in certain cases the damage is already done or are to damn hard to battle. Point in case: the Bed Bug.

These nasty little critters have been infiltrating homes in Europe as far back as Ancient Greece, but numbers have skyrocketed in the last 20 or so years due to the decreasing number of cockroaches (WOW! Pick your poison here guys…), the build up of pesticide resistance and global spreading by travelers. But, alas, all is not lost and even though these tiny bloodsucking miscreants are notoriously difficult to defeat, going into war prepared and with a strategy is half the battle. That’s why Roamer Post has created this Guide to Bed Bugs to gain your chances of leaving an infested hotel/hostel room victorious and without hitchers.

Guide to Bed Bugs

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