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Make your own Paracord Boot Laces

I’ve got to say, I’m getting more and more excited over the fact that outdoor brands are finally catching on that some of us DO care what our hiking gear looks like. Hiking clothes are looking better everyday. Just check out brands like Patagonia, Norrona or any Asian branch of major outdoor brands and try not to hit that “add to cart” button (or book a flight to Korea). But for some reason hiking boots are a different story.

Even though it’s not impossible to get fun or good looking hiking boots, I’m daring to bet to majority of you has a seriously boring pair. And for some reason most boot repair shops only stock black, camo green and (if you’re lucky) purple for the ladies (ENOUGH with the purple “women specific” gear already!). Luckily, it’s ridiculously easy to spruce up your plain boots for only a few buck and perhaps a lightly toasted finger with some home made Paracord Boot Laces.

What you need to make your own paracord boot laces
  • 550 paracord
    OMG just look at all those options…
  • A lighter
  • And that’s IT!

paracord boot laces

BOOTS Kathmandu Tiber NGX – HIKING PANTS Prana Meme in Quartz

How to make your own Paracord Boot Laces

Cut off a length of paracord in your chosen color, the same length as your old laces. If you were in need of replacement and don’t have your old laces anymore, use this nifty calculator tool.

To create an aglet, arm up the end of the paracord slightly.Apply a good sloppy lick of spit to your thumb and index finger and roll the warmed up end between them. This way you keep the aglet smooth and even and help it shrink slightly for easy of wiggling it through the eyelets of your boots.

Now repeat, repeat, repeat until the aglet is stiff and solid. If it doesn’t give or bend when you press it on a hard surface, you’re good to go

To keep your aglets to look shiny, smooth and only slightly darker than the rest of your laces like in the picture above, going slow is the key. If you heat up paracord too much at ones, it will inevitably end up looking burnt instead of melted.
Repeat the process the other ends, move onto the lace for your other boot and that’s it. You’re done!

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