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Overland Track Tasmania Day 4

overland track mountains

The Overland Track, the most famous hiking trail in Tasmania, is situated among the World Heritage Listed rivers, mountains and lakes of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Full of unique wildlife, plenty of side trips to expand the distance traveled and a varying landscape, the Overland Track is a trail that’ll stay with you for many years to come.


Another short day for us! It snowed quite heavily last night and we were super excited about this day and we were not disappointed. Although the snow made the track slippery and deep puddles impossible to see, this was probably one of my favourite stretches of the Overland Track.

overland track hiking in winter
Overland Track Snow Woods Sunrise

The halfway point takes you up to Pelion Gap were you can stray off and summit Mt Ossa as well as Mt Pelion East (neither of which we attempted due to lack of daylight, but we’ll be back through the Arm River Track soon!) to make you’re day a bit harder and ultimately more fun with some amazing views.

overland track hiking in snow


Once you make it back to the junction, it’s a gradual descent with some icy patches and more waist deep puddles to the cozy Kia Ora Hut.

overland track hiking woods


Kia Ora Hut is a small hut that sleeps 20 smelly people orgy pitt style (5 pax beds)! As far as comfort goes, we found this hut to heat up particularly well (probably the best out of all) and both tables and beds are close to the heater for a well deserved toasty night with lot’s of rest.

overland track msr stove cooking

Overland Track Day 4 Journal Pages

Today was so much fun! We had another easy day to recover from the misery of day 3. Only 3 hours walking this time.

The track started through bush and along waterfalls to open up halfway today’s trail at Pelion Gap. All the way along the track there was snow everywhere! It made everything all the more beautiful. At one point, I tried to be cheeky and tip-toe around the snowy muddy puddle Sam was dredging through. My triumph was abruptly taken away from me when my snowy but solid side track caved in and sunk me knee deep into semi-frozen mud! And waist deep into snow! Trying to escaped the soggy goo that was pulling me down deeper and deeper, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. When I finally got my bottom half out of harms way, my feet were soaking wet and freezing cold. After a tantrum which involved cursing at the Universe and kicking snow, I couldn’t help but smile. That’s what you get for being cheeky! Plus it wouldn’t be the last time that morning I had to pull myself out of the mud. Being the first ones to leave after some serious snow had it’s downsides!

On the top of Pelion Gap, we saw the strangest thing ever! With no lake, river or even pond remotely nearby, we were very surprised to see a little crayfish trying to fight his way through the icy cold snow! I wonder how he got that high up and so far away from home…

Kia Ora hut is a nice and small little hut, which means it should heat up nicely! A warm welcome after yesterday’s massive hut with it’s sad little heater!

Have a read through the rest of our field notes on the Overland Track to see what the rest of the hike was like.

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