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Overland Track Tasmania Day 3

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The Overland Track, the most famous hiking trail in Tasmania, is situated among the World Heritage Listed rivers, mountains and lakes of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Full of unique wildlife, plenty of side trips to expand the distance travelled and a varying landscape, the Overland Track is a trail that’ll stay with you for many years to come.


One of the longer days on the trail, Windemere Hut to New Pelion Hut was a rough ride for us. Most of time, you’re walking on natural surface through rainforest, which means lot’s of roots to sprain your ankle on and lot’s a puddles to get you’re feet wet. Considering I had the luck of spraining my ankle on day 1 (JOY!), this was an especially tough day for me.

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overland track Pelion Creek Waterfall
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That being said, you do pass a nice looking waterfall, walk through beautifully lush rainforests and once you do make it to New Pelion Hut (especially considering we arrived after a good dumping of snow) the few from the deck is pretty amazing!

Overland Track Winter
overland track pademelon
overland track new pelion hut

New Pelion Hut sleeps 36 divided into 4 rooms. The common room is fairly large with plenty of tables and cooking station. Even in the middle of winter, this hut was chockers so if you arrive late in the day, you may have to accept to pitch a tent and wear wet clothes in the morning as there’s only one small heater.


Overland Track Day 3 Journal Pages

My body is broken! Everything is sore and bruised. My ankle hurts like hell, my back can barely keep straight, even my hair hurts. My body is shattered and today wasn’t even the longest day we’ll have to face. We dredged through snow, mud and knee deep puddles all day today. What should’ve taken us 6 hours, took up all hours of sunlight. I can’t take another step!

New Pelion Hut is huge and in the corner on the other side of the building there’s a group of girls laughing, screaming and drinking goon. I wonder where they came from and who had the pleasure of dragging several kilos of alcohol with them, but couldn’t be asked asking. I’m in no mood to party!

We managed to score the empty dorm at the side of the building, which has a door to the deck, but it can only be opened from the inside. When I had to go to the drop hole, I thought I could be cheeky and leave it a tiny bit open so I could slip back in without walking to the front door. When I came back, the door was wide open and when I walked in there was a Possum going through my bag. That cheeky bugger! Should’ve known I guess. He wasn’t shy either! No matter the noise I’de make, he barely looked up and eventually Sam had to quite literally kick him out. He’s been sitting on railing, awaiting a second chance ever since.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier! Sam has offered to take 2 kilos off my back, which I gratefully excepted! We had a fair bid of snow come down today and more is still falling. I’m quite excited about walking through this winter wonderland tomorrow! I love snow!

Have a read through the rest of our field notes on the Overland Track to see what the rest of the hike was like.

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