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Overland Track Tasmania Day 2

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The Overland Track, the most famous hiking trail in Tasmania, is situated among the World Heritage Listed rivers, mountains and lakes of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. Full of unique wildlife, plenty of side trips to expand the distance travelled and a varying landscape, the Overland Track is a trail that’ll stay with you for many years to come.


After Day 1, we gave our bodies a bit of time to recover by keeping today’s walk nice and short. Signs and the map indicate it’ll take about 2 to 3 hours to get to our next destination, but due to slippery icy patches and rain in reality it takes more like 4 hours.

overland track trail to windemere hut

A few patches of rainforest aside, most of today brings us through open terrain with lot’s of button grass and
therefor more wombats (YAY for wombats!). I’m thankful for the lack of wind, as I can imagine today’s section could get a bit rough when strong winds are expected.


When we got to the junction of
today’s side trip (which we planned on doing) we decide against it.

overland track lake will junction

The weather was less than ideal and the lack of enthusiasm that’s sparked by the sight of the terrain the lake is in, made us decide to push on. We imagine there will be many more and possibly much nicer lakes coming our way.

overland track lake windemere
overland track sam
overland track windemere hut


Windemere Hut looks to be fairly new even though it’s about 40 years old.

According to the map, it sleeps 16, but again the bunks are very spacious and we take up a bed designed for one.


Overland Track Day 2 Journal Pages

Last night was coooooold! I didn’t think my down sleeping bag was going to allow me feel even the least bit chilly, but boy was I wrong! When we got to the hut last night, there was already people and we really wanted to have a hut to ourselves, so we decided to leave the comfort of the new heated hut and sleep in the old creaky hut a little further up.

We probably would’ve been warmer in our tent, but considering it was raining and dealing with a wet tent early in the morning is never fun, we went for the cold but easier option.

Today was a nice, easy and short day. We planned to do the side trip to Lake Will, but when we got to the junction, it was still cloudy and rainy and the terrain was much more open and not nearly as nice as we imagined it… So we decided to skip it.

Windemere Hut (where we’ll be staying tonight) is quite nice, among the trees and with double bunks instead of orgy pits. The heater is starting to make it nice and toasty warm in here so hopefully tonights sleep is going to be a bit better.

We didn’t get lucky enough to be the only ones here, there’s another couple, two friends and some crazy Texan guy wearing a ladybug rain cape just ran in. Quite literally ran in! Apparently he came here straight from Bert Nichols Hut (which is another 2 to 3 days away) with only a few carrots and a bar of chocolate in his tiny backpack and he keeps rambling on about eating mushrooms… Colourful type to say the least haha.

Have a read through the rest of our field notes on the Overland Track to see what the rest of the hike was like.

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