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First Aid Kit List

When hiking, you walk into loads of potential dangers. Whether you have to deal with hypothermia, open wounds, snake bites, broken bones, burns (the list goes on and on…) it helps to be prepared!
A First Aid Kit is therefor essential!

But how do you decide what to take and what would simply be extra weight? As we laid out our First Aid Kit List of things to take on our hike along the Overland Track, we tried to find the perfect balance between a light pack and a cure for every possible doom scenario on the mountain.
What do you think?! Did we succeed?

First Aid Kit Diagram

Row 1:
20x Fabric Strip Bandages | Adhesive Strapping Tape

Row 2/3:
1x Hand Warmers | 2x Eye Pad | 2x Non-Adherent Dressing | 2x Large Compression Bandage | 1x Triangle Bandage | 1x Tropical Strength Insect Repellent (that repels leeches and ticks as well) | 2x Small Compression Bandage | 2x Eye Wash and Wound Irrigation | 1x Tube of Paw Paw Ointment | 1x Mini Betadine | 1x Small Roll of Duct Tape | 1x Roll of Leukoplast Tape | 1x Tiger Balm

Row 4:
5x Blister Plaster | 4x Disinfecting Wipes | 4x Single Use Sachet Itch Relief Cream | 20x Waterproof Safety Matches | 1x Tweezers

Row 5:
1x Sheet Allergy Relief Tablets | 1x Sheet Ibuprofen 200mg | 1x Sheet Paracetamol 500mg | 1x Mini Instant Ice Pack | 1x Emergency Thermal Blanket | 1x Wound Dressing | 2x Crepe Bandages

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