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RP Guide to Dehydration

Dehydration is something every traveler and adventurer has to deal with at one point or another. Whether you are exercising more than usual, in a hotter climate than you’re used to or simply out of water for a longer period of time, you’re bound to get dehydrated sooner or later.

When you find yourself with symptoms that indicate you could be dehydrated (be it mild, significant or severe), the best thing to do is to see a doctor immediately, but what if you are days away from any town let alone any type of medical attention? Have look at Roamer Post’s Guide to DEHYDRATION to quickly determine the type of dehydration you have and what to do next.

Roamer Post Guide to Dehydration

Now that you know what you need to do to keep from getting (or staying) Dehydrated, have a look at some of our other Infographic Guides, Travel Tips and Camping Tips to further prepare yourself for your next trip into the great outdoors.

Also, we hate to be a nagging voice of reason, but it should go without saying that you should always carry some kind of PLB or GPS Locator if you plan on straying away from society for a longer period of time. Just in case you (or one of your fellow adventurers) needs emergency evacuation, stat. We know that they’re bloody expensive, but they might save your life one day!

If you have any tips on staying hydrated or how to quickly fix mild dehydration, leave your lifesaving knowledge in the comments below.

Stay safe out there!

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