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Gear Ideas for a Campfire Party in the Great Outdoors

Forget about all the pubs, clubs and bars, as far as we’re concerned the best parties are surrounded by a beautiful scenery, with no one to hear you for miles and in front of a blazing campfire.

No matter what you decide to take, you can’t really go wrong as long as there’s good drinks and good company, but in the spirit appending summer for all you nature lovers up north and winter (read: temperatures finally low enough to have a fire without evaporating on the spot), we decided to do a round-up of some seriously awesome gear out there to make your campfire party even more smashing.

Gear Ideas for a Campfire Party
No Campfire Party without a Campfire

First Things first. Find yourself an awesome camp spot and make sure you’re actually allowed to have a fire there (duh…). Pick a camp site off the beaten tack to ensure you won’t disturb any more peaceful campers.

TIP! You could go the complete opposite way and hunt for a campsite that’s infamous for it’s parties. Pretty much any area famed for camping has one. It’s an easy way to expand your campfire gathering in a full-blown campsite bash and meet some new people along the way. Beware though, these sites usually aren’t the cleanest.

Now that we have that sorted that one out, time to light up your fire. Grab your Fire Starter like the Swedish FireSteel 2.0, or strike some matches like the Stormproof Match Kit from UCO, and light her up. If you’re new to it all, check out our guide to campfires to learn how to built, light and maintain a fire.

Get the Campfire Party started

So, your fire is going and you’re starting to feel the warmth on your skin, it’s time to take things to the next level. Let’s pour some drinks! Since no one is waiting to haul heavy beer bottle along tracks to their camping spot (and certainly no one wants to haul them back out again the next day), bring some Pat’s Backcountry Beverages instead like the Pail Rail or the Black Hops. They’re easy to make on the spot and you won’t have to lug around empty bottle with a hangover.

In the mood for something stronger? Take your favorite spirit and pour it into a flexible flask like the GSI Highland Flask. That way your bottle can’t break, weighs a lot less and the next day, simply roll it up and stash it away.
Serve your delicious spirits in these Sea to Summit X Shot collapsible glasses which pack down to nothing and come in a whole bunch of neat bright colors so there can be no doubt who’s drink your holding, even when everything else gets a little fuzzy.

No party is complete without some tunes! This solar chargeable speaker for Goal Zero will make sure you can rock out into the wee hours of the night. Simply plug in your phone and amp up the volume.

Just keep on going

We’re pretty sure that the Poler Stuff Napsack doesn’t need any introduction, but here it goes… This awesome mild climate sleeping bag is the ultimate Campfire Party companion. It keeps you warm when the temperature starts to plummet and once you can’t possibly keep going anymore, simply retract your arms and drop down on your mat.

Rise and shine

If your party was a smash hit, we bet you feel pretty rotten right about now. Don’t worry, just because you’re probably still a long way from any cafe let alone home, doesn’t mean that you need to skip on your favorite hangover cure. Whether you’re favoring recovering smoothies or prefer a fully cooked breakfast, there’s plenty of camp meal alternatives.

Is you’re campsite of choice a bit closer to your car? You really can’t go wrong with firing up the campfire once more, throw a cast iron skillet on top and serve up a full gourmet breakfast. Yum!

Leave no trace

A hangover is no excuse for being a d*ck to nature, so before you leave make sure your campfire is properly extinguished, you pack up all your stuff and bring back ALL your trash. These nifty Trash Dry Sacks from Sea to Summit keep the smell away from your belongings, keep bugs and critters out of your rubbish and come with lots of attachment points you can hang out of reach from greedy claws and on the outside of your backpack on your way out.

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