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RP Guide to Battling Seasickness

I’ve lived and worked on boats for quite a while now and one of my worst enemies is seasickness. An ugly green beast that is sure to ruin a trip and hard to get rid of if you can’t get off the boat.

I hate taking those pills that make you drowsy and frankly on a longer trip they’re just not an option unless you don’t mind risking your health.
So here are a few tips on battling seasickness like a true sea rat! Yarrrr!

RP guide to Battling Seasickness

Have a look at our Stories on the Ocean to stay on imaginary waters for just a little longer. If made you a bit noxious just thinking about waves, maybe you prefer to look at some more land based travel tips. Just to ease your stomach for a little bit. And, as always if you have any tips on fighting off the terrors of seasickness, make sure to leave them in the comments below.

Safe Seafaring Adventures!

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