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Awesome Gear for a Romantic Camping Trip

Camping for couples seems to be in trend these days. We appreciate that glamping is winning over the hearts of city folk who are more and more often bypassing hotels to “get in touch with nature”. Still, you don’t have to resort to commercial accommodation to create a romantic camping trip. Let’s talk about how to create some serious romance far away from any civilization to treat your dirt-bagging lady or ease your latest love interest into the camping lifestyle.

Plan a nice, easy to moderate hike (since nobody wants to get down and dirty with an already dirty sweaty body), to an uncrowded campground with an amazing view (bonus points for natural hot springs!) and take some of these romantic camping supplies with you for an awesome date that is guaranteed to win you some brownie points.

Campfire Essentials

Few things say campsite romance like a good fire. Make sure you are prepared! The most important thing is obviously checking if you’re even allowed to have a campfire on the campsite you carefully selected (few things are as unromantic as getting a hefty fine and being asked to leave in the middle of your date). If things are all good, make sure you can get firewood on (or close to) the campsite and if not, organize good dry wood before you leave. The crap they overcharge you for at fuel stations are always a disappointment!

If you need some help getting your fire going, we’ve got your back here.

Wine Totes and Preservers

No date is complete without a nice glass of wine and a romantic camping trip is no exception, but lugging a heavy bottle around with you into the woods is not something anyone is waiting for. Plus, if it breaks, you’ve got red wine all over your stuff which not only ruin your gear but also attract a whole bunch of stuff that’ll ruin your romantic camping trip guaranteed.

Get yourself a GSI Outdoors Wine Tote or a Platypus Wine Preserver. They’re reusable and once your wine is finished you can roll ’em up so they won’t take up any space or add unwanted weight. Don’t forget to pack some cheese and chocolate. You’ll thank us later.

Portable Projector

We can’t believe how freaking small projectors are getting these days! Just check out this one from RIF6. You can connect it to your phone or slide a micro SD straight into it, can be cranked up to 120” screen, comes with a mini tripod so you can mount it pretty much anywhere and did we mention it is tiny?! Now all you have to do is pick out the perfect movie and a surface to project onto. We suggest your tent (if it has a light color that is), a smooth rocky surface or the side of a nearby hut/shack/cabin.

Ground Covering

With all this effort you’ve put into your romantic camping trip already, you don’t want to be sitting in the dirt while you watching your movie with some cheese and wine so bring something to cover the ground. Pendleton Picnic blankets have been a staple across America for year (and this one has a nylon side so it’s hardwearing but still fluffy on top), but you could also use a tarp, self-inflatable mattress or foam mats.

Set the mood

Chicks totally dig some fancy romantic lighting (take it from one). We understand though that you don’t want to be hauling along a bunch of candles, plus setting your tent ablaze is not exactly going to make your romantic camping trip memorable for any good reasons… So have a look at Big Agnes MtnGLO tents which come with these awesome LED light strings attached to the inside. If you already have the ideal two person tent, you can buy just the light kit here (which is lightweight and packs up to nothing) or by getting some solar powered outdoor fairy lights from your local hardware/garden store (a bit bulkier but with some extra lighting choices).

(Just make sure you remember to turn the light off if you have neighbors before you get busy.)

Compatible Sleeping Bags

Double Sleeping Bags are a tricky one. They’re often huge, heavy, pack down into some kind of monstrosity that’s impossible to carry and don’t insulate very well. After some serious research, we’re thinking the Sierra Backcountry Bed Duo is probably your best bet is you’re seeking some skin time during your romantic camping trip. With it’s 600 duck down filling and overall weight of 1.78 kg this way to comfortable looking double beauty let’s you (as Sierra Designs so adequately puts it) “sleep” like you would at home. However without an EN-rating, it’s probably best left for milder climates.

If you guys are a bit more adventurous and want to tackle some winter camping or the idea of the commitment of shared sleeping bag ownership gives you the shivers, consider getting a set of compatible sleeping bags. Many brands such as the North Face (pictured above), Nemo, Marmot, Big Agnes, Mountain Hardwear and many more allow you to choose the side on which your zipper is placed. As long as your zippers are of the same style (¾ zippers and full zippers don’t mix) you can zip a lefty and righty together for some prime spooning and you can still use them apart.

Make an impressive breakfast

So you just had an epic night, you wooed the crap out of your girl, so don’t start slacking now. No one makes friends with mushy porridge, especially not on what’s still supposed to be a romantic camping trip. Now you won’t have to drag a whole gourmet kitchen set with you to make a worthy breakfast. There’s many companies out there that make a dehydrated pancake mix like this one, add some sachets of Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (or whatever topping you prefer on your pancake. You can always put some berries, jam, butter or syrup in a GoTubb) et voila! It may not be the best breakfast you ever made, but it’s better than hot mush.

PS don’t forget your favorite campsite coffee. Hope you have an awesomely romantic camping trip!

For more gear and packing lists, come have a look here!

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