About Roamer Post

Come play outside with us!

At Roamer Post we firmly believe in two things. One, that outdoors is the best place to be (although eating pizza in front of a fireplace comes in a close second. Especially when mother nature is grumpy). Anywhere outdoors! In the mountain, on the sea, by a lake or taking in the fresh forest air. We love it all.
Two, that the outdoors is for everyone! Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a weekend warrior urbanite, we can all always do with some more fresh air. With this blog we hope to inspire people to discover new places and protect them fiercely, to never grow up and never feel too old to try something new, to find adventure anywhere, even in everyday life and most of all to get outside and explore with us.

In our little corner of the internet you can expect to find detailed field notes on new places to explore, tips and trick to get you going with some new outdoor skills, reviews of the things we love most and ideas for new things to create.